Over the past few years, HYSTORSYS has been developing a new metal hydride compressor. The HYMEHC has many advantages over conventional compressors (such as the diaphragm and piston compressors) as this thermal compressor has hardly any moving parts, low maintenance cost and compresses the hydrogen in a silent and vibrationless manner. The operation cost can be minimised if waste heat is available as the system utilise thermal energy for the compression work. The Total Cost of Operation (TCO) is therefore very low. Currently, the HYMEHC is being delivered in two sizes: 5 Nm3/h and 10 Nm3/h. As the design is flexible, the HYMEHC compressor can be delivered in different sizes from 1 Nm3/h up to potentially 30 Nm3/h within the near future.

HYSTORSYS is ready for partnering up with companies with an interest to provide complete systems for the clients – i.e., electrolyser / reformer producers working within the same field – and others. Already today, HYSTORSYS has a number of valuable partners:

Institute for Energy Technology (

Prototech AS (

HyNor Lillestrøm AS (

Aquagas Sweden AB (

Norsk Innovasjonskapital III AS (

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